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Focused on your Chemistry

We help our customers achieve their goals of creating value & competitive advantage.

Our unique chemistry, customized services and focus on quality and safety distinguishes Organor Chem from our competitors.

We reaffirm our commitment to future-ready growth and enhanced value creation.

We manufacture unique, high-performance organometallic compounds for the polyolefin & pharmaceuticals. Our considerable experience in production-level organometallic synthesis makes us an invaluable partner for your specialty chemical needs.

As a diversified manufacturer of organometallic compounds, we support you with solutions for production and with our technical know-how. With a focus on organotin products and wet-chemical processes, we supply a wide range of businesses.


Research and Development

We are committed to innovative, customer-focused research and development

Facilities and Equipment

We operate a multipurpose facility that is flexible and responsive to quickly adapt to your processing

Analytical Capabilities

We maintain a fully staffed, on-site analytical laboratory for measurement of raw materials

Packaging and Shipping

We offer customized packaging sizes to safely and efficiently transport all your chemical solutions and solids.

What We Do

Decades of expertise with organometallic compounds, enable us to support our customers with individualized approaches: Providing detailed technical information on products and handling, as well as giving extensive support during application stages up to the recovery of by-products and waste products.

Advanced Intermediates


Custom Synthesis

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