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Safety & Quality

At Organor Chemicals, health and safety are our top priorities.


Our goal is to promote innovative, safe, and accountable operations that contribute to a healthy and productive economy. To meet these responsibilities, we pledge to manage our business according to the following commitments:

To educate and engage our stakeholders to about all quality, environmental, health, safety, and security matters that may impact them.

To promote product stewardship, calling upon everyone involved in the lifespan of the product to take up responsibility to reduce its environmental, health, and safety impacts.

To prioritize quality, environmental, health, safety and security considerations in our planning and operations for new and existing products and processes.

To teach employees their quality, environmental, health, safety and security responsibilities and to promote involvement and accountability in these areas.

To continuously strive to use our resources efficiently and minimize waste.

To develop and manufacture products of known, satisfactory, and reproducible quality.

To control the production, handling, storage, packaging, and shipment of our products to safeguard our employees, our customers, the environment, the community, and the product itself.

To fulfill all customers’ requirements for special packaging, documentation, shipment, and other services.

To work to complete every order accurately and on time.

To comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
We strongly believe that this effort requires the commitment of every employee at every level of the organization. Our employees are expected to both perform their assigned duties as well as strive to improve the operations and performance of the company.
One way we pursue our mission for safety is through the rigorous and detailed testing of our processes. Our dedicated process safety group tests for chemical hazards using an array of equipment including RC1, DSC, TGA, and Arc Spectrometer. The process safety group works with R&D to ensure new processes are well understood and can be safely run in our manufacturing plant.



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