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We help our customers achieve their goals of creating value & competitive advantage.


Decades of expertise with organometallic compounds, enable us to support our customers with individualized approaches: Providing detailed technical information on products and handling, as well as giving extensive support during application stages up to the recovery of by-products and waste products.

With several linked production lines, even highly specialized projects with demanding requirements can be flexibly produced for you.

Advanced Intermediates

Advanced intermediate drugs are used to perform drug interaction activity which formed in new chemical products.


Custom Synthesis

Source for CDMO


We pride ourselves on hiring the right people and giving them the opportunity to innovate. Our highly-educated and experienced staff of R&D chemists specialize in the synthesis of advanced organometallics, boranes, borates, phosphines, silanes, and other organic compounds.

We have established an entrepreneurial R&D environment that gives our chemists considerable latitude to explore pioneering, cost-effective approaches to process development. From making gram-scale inquiries to developing the building blocks for large-scale processes, our R&D team can take on any custom or specialty challenge.


We specialize in the commercial-scale production of complex, state-of-the-art organic and organometallic compounds. With a combined production reactor volume of over 60,000 liters, we are able to tackle challenging custom and specialty chemical projects at a substantial scale, quickly adapting to even the most rigorous processing requirements.

We offer Nutsche and horizontal plate filters and use short path, fractional, and wiped-film evaporators. A variety of dryers, grinders, blenders, and separators round out the equipment list required to take your product from development to commercial scale.


To support production operations our team of dedicated analytical chemists provide on-site measurement of raw materials, in-process samples, and finished goods. Our analytical lab utilizes NMR, GC, LC, ICP, and various wet chemical analysis to ensure precision and accuracy in all measurements.

For sample preparation and a wide variety of analyses, a modern laboratory is at your disposal to monitor production quality or carry out experiments in material development.


We offer a wide variety of product packaging options and ship worldwide. We work with expert carriers to ensure delivery to our customers. Customer-specific handling: Packaging and filling (also in special containers), adapted to your logistics, to ensure an optimal interface to your processes.

Our freight carriers deliver value by combining domestic and international services to create a complete end-to-end solution. Our Global Operations Planners have extensive experience in trade compliance to support your international operations. We handle hazardous and non-hazardous shipment logistics to deliver your specialty chemical materials.


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